About Flamingo Silk

I was living in Florida when I began painting on silk. I remember watching the flocks of flamingos at Busch Gardens in Tampa. They were so vibrant and gregarious. I loved the deep coral color of their feathers, the elegant way they move, their ability to maintain their individuality in the flock.

Flamingos represent the vibrant, colorful, flirtatious aspects of my silks. They teach us the language of color, show us how to follow our hearts, how to keep in touch with the whimsical, frivolous side of our personality. In the same way, my art delights and enriches the lives of my customers. It is meant to be seen in the company of others, and enjoyed as an expression of the wearer’s creativity.

How do I do it?

I use high quality silks for my work and professional silk dyes. For detailed designs I use a water based resist – either clear or colored. Occasionally I will use a colored permanent marker or metallic fabric paint to add details to a piece. Many of the pieces I produce have been dyed several times, depending on the particular design I’m creating or the colors I wish to use. This gives a layered look to the work that enhances the natural sheen of the silk.


My work has been shown at galleries and shows in the Asheville area, as well as Maryville, TN. A graduate of Warren Wilson Junior College, my WWC Signature scarf was commissioned for homecoming in 2000. My World Peace Flag, created in October 2002, was part of a traveling exhibit of peace banners painted by members of Silk Painters International. I’ve put on fashion shows and taught silk painting in Western North Carolina and East Tennessee. In 2012 my pieced long vest was named “Most Creative” in the Dogwood Arts Diva Fashion Show in Knoxville, TN.